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How Does Top Secret Determine Dataset Access For A Dataset Alias?


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Top Secret


When accessing a dataset that has an alias defined, does Top Secret use the alias name of the real dataset name to determine if the user has access to the dataset?

For example:

ALIAS --------- SYS1.TCPIP.SEZALPA                           

If dataset SYS1.TCPIP.SEZALPA is accessed in ISPF, does the access permission come form SYS1.TCPIP.SEZALPA  or TCPIP.SEZALPA?


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


How the dataset is opened determines which permission is needed. 

- If the open is done with the alias name, then the user needs permission to the alias.
- If the open is done with real dataset, a permit for the real dataset is needed.

Top Secret doesn't determine whether the alias or real dataset name is used on the open. The operating system does. Top Secret just responds to the security call.