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Do TSS commands stored in the CPF recovery file expire and what is the maximum amount that can be stored?


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Top Secret


Is there a maximum limit or expiration on TSS command that are queued in the CPF recovery file when the remote destination system is down?


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


There is no time limitation or expiration for when CPF is down.

Once the CPF link is back up, commands that were saved in the CPF recovery file will start to flow again.

They are sent in batches so the receiving system doesnt get overloaded. Once the batch is complete, the next batch of TSS commands is sent. This goes on until all commands that were saved have been sent and processed to the destination node.

The maximum limit of TSS commands that can be save to the CPF Recovery File depends on the size of the CPF recovery file.

Please see the TSS started task for the CPF recovery file CPFFILE DD.

The CPF recovery file is a wrap around file so once it becomes full, it starts overwriting to the beginning of the file.

Messages are written to the syslog when the CPF recovery file is about to wrap.