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How To Install the Informatica Plugin - UNIX/Linux


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How to Install the Agent Plugin for Informatica on Linux and UNIX OS.


Reference for listing of libraries, drivers and other files required for the Informatica plugin to work with the release of Informatica that you are running on each respective platform.

  1. These drivers are the IDP drivers that you will need to get from the Informatica server itself or from Informatica support. 
  2. Windows drivers will not work on Linux/UNIX systems. Neither will Linux/UNIX drivers work on Windows.

Now that you've gathered the required files,

  • Create a directory in the agent installation path called infa_drivers. 
      - Copy all of the IDP drivers you just gathered into the infa_drivers folder.

  • Further down page, you will see section that talks about JARS. 
      - Download log4j-license.txt & log4j-1.2.8.jar from and save them in the jars/ext directory located beneath the root of the agent.
      - Copy the pmserversdk.jar and jlmapi.jar files from your Informatica server; as documented, into the jars/ext directory beneath the root of the agent.
  • Install the Informatica Plugin
      - Execute the PluginInstaller script as advised in the documentation and provide appropriate responses to the interview questions with respect to your Informatica environment. 
        Note: You will need to work with your Informatica support team if you are unsure about responses to any of the interview questions.

  • Now that the plugin is installed, let's return to the documentation. Look for section titled "List of .res, .dat, .bin files"
      - Copy the 4 files mentioned from the Informatica server location as documented to the config/informatica/locale directory located beneath the root of the agent.
  • Create a directory called security in the config/informatica/ folder located beneath the root of the agent.
      - Copy the below files from your Informatica server to this location:
             - infa_keystore.jks
             - infa_keystore.pem
             - infa_truststore.jks
             - infa_truststore.pem

  • Copy the domains.infa file from your Informatica server to the config/informatica directory located beneath the root of the agent.

  • Edit the cybAgent script
      - Add the full path to the infa_drivers directory that you created earlier (/opt/CA/WA_Agent/12_0/infa_drivers) to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
               export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
      - Add the INFA_DOMAINS_FILE & INFA_TRUSTSTORE variables as documented and save the changes when done.
               export INFA_DOMAINS_FILE


               export INFA_TRUSTSTORE
  • Back to the documentation, scroll down to the "Install JDBC Drivers for your Database" section.
      - Download the JDBC drivers for your database and copy them to the jars/ext directory located beneath the root of the agent.

  • Finally, restart your agent and set up Informatica job for testing.