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Port conflict in AWS Extension and DXGateway


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


We are observing port conflict issue between DXGateway and the AWS extension.

Both running in same machine in parallel.

Is there any way to change the restmon port? 


Seems like DXGateway's Restmon and AWS extension's restmon are clashing due to port.

If we can change port on any of them then it would work fine.


Release : SAAS

Component : Integration with APM


There is a DB port that is conflicting that is why you are unable to run two instances of Restmon on the same system. This DB port is not configurable .


DB Port configurable issue is fixed already and is available in RESTMon 2.0 release. 


Please use the db_cxn_url in the below format. The port can be configured as per the availability, instead of 9001.

"db_cxn_url" : "jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:9001/apmdb".