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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Started system Shutdown…     A minute after OPSBCPII was shutdown successfully with RC=0, got this message:

                14:31:47.12          00000090  OPS2083W CA OPS/MVS BCP SERVER OPSBCPII, ASID=X'0066' FAILED



Anything we can/should do to prevent this?  I hate to just ignore the warning. 

This is early in the shutdown process and stateman is still shutting things down



14:30:25.77 STC09123 00000290  OPS1290H OPSOSFF  INITHWS              NO

14:30:31.48 XXOPF01  00000290  F OPSS,RESTART(HWS)  

14:30:31.70 XXOPF01  00000290  P  OPSBCPII          


14:30:32.54 STC09119 00000090  CASV0104I 14.30.32 STOP 046                     

                 046 00000090  CASV0136I Shutdown of OPSBCPII acknowledged     

14:30:32.69 STC09119 00000090  CASV0004I SRV termination in progress           

14:30:32.87 STC09119 00000090  CASV0018I Operator communications interface disabled


14:30:40.49 STC09119 00000090  OPBCP065I - Event deregistration complete       

14:30:40.88 STC09119 00000090  OPBCP064I - OPS BCPii Server shutdown complete  

14:30:40.94 STC09119 00000090  CASV0263I CASRVHTM Hosted-task OPSS     OPIIDRV 

14:30:41.14 STC09119 00000290  CASV0042I Task CASRVHTM ended, CMPCODE=X'000000'

14:30:41.14 STC09119 00000090  CASV0005I SRV termination complete              

14:30:41.54 STC09119 00000290  -                                               

                               GS (MINS.)------          PAGING COUNTS         

14:30:41.54 STC09119 00000290  - JOBNAME STEPNAME PROCSTEP    RC WORKLOAD   EXCP   CONN       TCB

                                SRB  CLOCK   ZIIP       SERV  PAGE   VIO       

14:30:41.54 STC09119 00000290  -OPSBCPII          OPSBCPII    00   SYSTEM    502     15       .00

                                .00  482.4   .000       5355     0     0       

14:30:41.54 STC09119 00000094  IEF404I OPSBCPII - ENDED                        

14:30:41.64 STC09119 00000290  -OPSBCPII ENDED.  NAME-                     TOTAL

                                TOTAL ELAPSED TIME= 482.4                      


14:30:41.69 STC09119 00000094  $HASP395 OPSBCPII ENDED - RC=0000


14:31:47.12          00000090  OPS2083W CA OPS/MVS BCP SERVER OPSBCPII, ASID=X'0066' FAILED


Release : 13.5



In this example, the OPSLOG shows an attempt to restart the server then immediately attempt to stop it with 'P OPSBCPII". The server should not be stopped manually. The server was designed to be controlled, started and stopped, by OPS/MVS, just like the OSF servers. When OPS shuts down, the servers shut down. The recommendation is to allow OPS/MVS to handle starting and stopping of the server. Essentially  the restart shuts the server down. This is done by OPS/MVS. Then the stop command attempts to shut it down too but the initial address space is already terminating.