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The MoM EM hangs during startup for excessive time.


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DX Application Performance Management


APM 10.7 MoM EM takes longer to start up and apparently hanging for ~39mins during or after ATC Initialization as indicated in the log.


3/18/21 03:03:45.323 PM EDT [INFO] [PO:main Mailman 1] [Manager.AppMap] Loading script file databaseBackend.js

3/18/21 03:03:45.323 PM EDT [INFO] [PO:main Mailman 1] [Manager.AppMap.ScriptWrapper] Loading script from /opt/CA/introscope/10.7.0/./scripts/inferredbackends/databaseBackend.js

3/18/21 03:03:45.752 PM EDT [INFO] [main] [Manager.AppMap] Starting ATC Initialization, DB version is, Application version is version 10.7.

3/18/21 03:03:49.778 PM EDT [INFO] [main] [Manager.ATC.DAO] Inserted 1 Initial records.

3/18/21 03:42:52.082 PM EDT [INFO] [main] [Manager.AppMap] Registered for traced edges from transaction traces

3/18/21 03:42:52.084 PM EDT [INFO] [main] [Manager.AppMap] Alert relay for status of topology elements has been started.

3/18/21 03:42:52.086 PM EDT [INFO] [main] [Manager.AppMap.UVB-Mapping] UVB Status Relay Processor has been started.

3/18/21 03:42:53.353 PM EDT [INFO] [main] [Manager.AppMap] Synchronization of Universes from Domains started. (disabled)




Platform/OS: RH Linux 64bit 7.9

APM Version: 10.7.0.  SP3



The log messages indicated appmap initialization apparently taking long time to process traced edges from transaction traces.


Implement APM 10.7 HF#79 to help mitigate similar performance issues.