CCSR010E TSSRSVCS U4095 dump from BMC Mainview
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CCSR010E TSSRSVCS U4095 dump from BMC Mainview


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Top Secret


A CCSR010E TSSRSVCS U4095 dump was created under BMC MainView task. 




Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


The Dump shows the following

RIDS/N#A#L          Load module name: N#A       
RIDS/N#A              Csect name: N#A             
AB/U4095              User Abend code: 4095       
PRCS/0000BAD3  Abend reason code: 0000BAD3 

The U4095 abend reason code BAD3 is not one of Broadcom's abends.

It is a User abend issued  by a  BMC program.
From the dump BMC code is executing before the U4095 abend.

The dump has been taken by TSS because of its ESTAE set when dealing with
a security SVC call.

The problem is with BMC Mainview