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System did not install patches when it was supposed to, error in logs: Assessment provider 'Traditional' is not configured


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Patch Management Solution Patch Management Solution for Windows IT Management Suite


Patches were rolled out to systems and they have the Patch Policy ready to install, but the install does not start.  Further observation found that many systems did not have the Windows System Assessment Scan Policy, active or disabled, in the systems Policy Summary in Resource Manager even though the policy was Active. 

The agent logs also showed errors downloading updates to the System Assessment Scan package.




Error in logs:

Assessment provider 'Traditional' is not configured
Tick Count: 7759750 (02:09:19.7500000), Host Name: SystemName, Size: 291 B
Process: AeXNSAgent.exe (4472), Thread ID: 6108, Module: PatchMgmtAgents.dll
Priority: 4, Source: SoftwareUpdateAgent


We repaired Patch Management due to this issue, and another one they had staging a SQL patch.  After the repair the WSAS Policy is back and active, and is seen in Agent UI.

Steps to repair and reconfigure Patch:

  1. Open Symantec Installation Manager
  2. Click Repair Installed Products
  3. Choose Repair MSI's
  4. Click Next, and perform repair on Patch
  5. Go back and click Repair Installed Products again
  6. Choose Reconfigure installed products
  7. Click Next and perform reconfigure on Patch and related solutions