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Compliance value is showing 0.00% in the SLA portlet


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


Currently we are using UIM 20.3 and OC v20.3.2 where we are facing this compliance value issue in SLA portlet when the achieved is 100% for an SLO but the compliance value is showing 0. Please help us with this issue as we have to send monthly SLA reports.


Release : 20.3

Component : sla_engine 20.10


Please download and deploy the hotfix for SLM in 20.3.2 to the OC machine, from the UIM hotfix site:

Release Date: 09 FEB 2021
Applicable for: UIM 20.3.2

Steps to apply the patch:

1. Deploy the from your local drive to the UIM Server Local Archive.
2. Deploy the ump_slm installation package (version 20.32hf2) from the Archive folder to the Operator Console robot.

Additional Notes:

1.Customized and changed "Source" field from dropdown to smart-search in QOS Constraint pop-up in SLO (typing a minimum of three letters in the Source field will display the list of matching sources). By default, 2000 sources will be displayed for the selected QOS.

2.Added filtering option to select Active objects by QOS in Database Status section

Then please also download and deploy the latest (but pre-20.3.3) sla_engine probe.

Steps to apply the patch:

1. Import the zip into the local archive.
2. Deploy the imported package to the Primary hub robot.

Then, if the issue persists, please do the following:

Double check the SLO/SLOs are pointing to the right target/data.

Check to make sure that the data in the table makes sense as per the SLM Properties-> "Tabel view"

Set the loglevel of the slm_engine to 5.

Set logsize to 100000.

Make a change to the SLA but just small one like the description, so it doesn't affect it, just so you can re-Save it.

Cold start the data_engine (Deactivate-Activate)

Wait an hour and see if the SLA % compliance changes at all from the compliance value of 0%. If the SLA % compliance issue is not resolved, upgrade to UIM/OC 20.3.3.