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Compatibility between 13.x Client and 14.0 Server


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


We are going to upgrade to Harvest version 14.

Can we run Harvest Server version 14 and connect with Harvest clients/agents still running on version 13.0.x?


Harvest SCM 13.x 14.x


Harvest version 14 Server is backward compatible with 13.0.x client and agent.

There are few additional things to be considered with this mode.

  • 13.0.3 Workbench and 13.0.3 Agent can be used to connect to 14.0.0 server.
    Check in ,Check out operations and developer processes would work with this combination.
    However, if there are UDP processes involved ,say any stand alone  & either pre-link OR post link ,then all clients and agents also need to be upgraded to V14.
    i.e Server ,Client and Agent needs to be at same level.(V14.0.0. in this case)

  • Do not use a combination of V13.0.3 client and V14.0.0 agent with any interface (say for ex : command line) to connect with V14.0.0 server.
    You can use a combination of V13.0.3 client and V13.0.3 agent  to do this.

  • Backward compatibility is generally expected to be used for a shorter duration of time not impacting developers' works.Backward compatibility is not recommended for long term usage.

  • There would be updates to db tables ,common components  like CAPKI etc from a release to release.
    Hence the best recommendation would be to always upgrade all components and be at the same level i.e V14.0.0 for better optimal performance.