How to sign onto an application directly bypassing the TPX main menu
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How to sign onto an application directly bypassing the TPX main menu


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TPX - Session Management


How can a user logon directly to an application when signing onto TPX bypassing the TPX main menu.


Release : 5.4

Component : CA-TPX for Z/OS


From the TPX Application Session Options either at the TPX User Maintenance Level or TPX Profile Maintenance select the session.

  • Change the ACCESS=PASS to Y

         ACCESS=PASS - Specifies whether this session should be treated as ACCESS=PASS
        even though the system or user has ACCESS=SINGLE or ACCESS=MULTIPLE specified.

  • Change the Start at signon to Y

         Start at signon specifies whether this session is activated automatically at sign-on time.

If the session is changed at the profile level then reload the profile through TPXOPER.

Example below:

                  TPX Profile Table Detail Panel
  Command ===>                                  
 Profile:  TESTPROF                                          
 Session:  A01ITSO                                           
                                                    Application    System
                                                    Defaults        Defaults
 Applid/Tier LVL:  A01ITSO
 ACCESS=PASS:  Y                                        MULTIPLE
 Timeout min.:     ______            000060         00000120
 Modent name:    ________        ________
 Sesskey:          PF                      ______
 Start at signon:  Y
 Startup ACL:      ________         ________
 ACL Userid:       ________
 ACL Password:  ________
 Term ACL:         ________          ________
 ACB Mask:         ________
 KeepACB:          _                       N
 Invisible:             _
 OV/MVS ACI:     _


If the application is set as PASS session when the user sign's on to TPX and triggers that  application, they have now 'dropped off' TPX.

Once a PASS appl / session is initiated, the "TPX session" has been disabled and the user cannot expect to see a TPX main menu at the end of the PASS session.