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Clarity: When Risk for a risk category is closed the associated Risk Factor is set to Unselected causing the Risk Rating to not calculate correctly.


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When a field of a closed Risk with a Risk Category, such as "Owner", is updated, the associated Risk Factor in Risk Rating will be reset and the color of the Risk Rating is set to "white" (unknown), even though the status of the Risk is still “Closed".


1. Open a project and create a new Risk with the Category "Implementation".
2. Go to the project 'Properties' > 'Risk Rating' and confirmed that the Risk Factor "Implementation" is "Read Only" (link to the created Risk.)
3. Change the status of the created Risk to "Closed".
4. Back to 'Properties' > 'Risk Rating' and confirmed the Risk Factor "Implementation" is unselected and Risk Rating is set to white color. 
5. Set a risk of the "Implementation" to "Low" manually. 
6. Go back to the closed risk and update the field "Owner".  Save the change.
7. Back to the project 'Properties' > 'Risk Rating'.

Expected Results: 
The manually set Risk Factor "Implementation" and the Risk Rating are not updated.

Actual Results:
The Risk Factor "Implementation" is unselected automatically and Risk Rating is set to white color. 


Release : 15.9


This is caused by defect DE60280.


Currently our product team is working on this to fix it.