Dell/EMC - TLMS - TCDB synchronization
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Dell/EMC - TLMS - TCDB synchronization


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TLMS Tape Management


In the past year or so, we defined an SMS-managed MTL. What we have experienced is that if you manually scratch a tape in TLMS via the ISPF interface, it's not updating the TCDB in real-time. However, we speculate that TLMSTRS is not updating the TCDB.

We are looking for assistance to look at our implementation to identify what should be changed to improve automated synchronization between all three elements: DLM, TLMS, TCDB.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA TLMS Tape Management


This looks like the ATL field is set to VEMC. This is why the VMF and OAM are out of sync.

1). EMC, STK, Luminex parms will not call OAM to sync the scratch dynamically.

2). VIBM parm for the ATL field will call OAM and keep TLMS and OAM in-sync.

3). You can change the ATL field in TLMS via the UPV command with a range.

4). Run a full CTSSYNC to get OAM/TLMS back in-sync.