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How to disable xFlow/Service Point on non-secure port 9002 so end users will always use secure port


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


After SDM admin follows steps to configure xFlow/Service Point to use secure port 9444, the expectation is end users will use https://xFlow-server:9444. However, as the original port 9002 is still open end users may continue to use none secure port http://xFlow-server:9002 and doing this will cause some security issue or other issues. This tech doc discusses a simple way to disable the non-secure port 9002. 


Release : 17.3, 17.2, 17.1

Component : USRD


Port 9002 is still open and be used. the documented steps do not touch the existing non-secure port 9002.


Follow these steps

--make a backup copy of ServerConfig.xml file in xFlow-directory\APP

--edit ServerConfig.xml file in xFlow-directory\APP : remove this line

<IncidentService FolderName="incidentmicroservice-17.0.479" BatchFile="incidentmicroservice.bat" Port="9002"/>

--recycle xFlow service