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ACF2 / DB2 table rules not checked with IBM Infoshere CDC message CHC0143E


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ACF2 - DB2 Option ACF2


Trying to use IBM InfoSphere CDC to replicate DB2 table data from mainframe to a distributed database.
According to the CDC documentation, SELECT access is required on all source tables.
ACF2 rules indicate SELECT access is allowed on all tables but a few are not behaving as if SELECT access has been granted. 
Using the ISPF test facility, it has been verified  that SELECT access is in place.

Receiving CDC message: 
CHC0143E User xxxxxxx is not authorized to add table yyyyyy.zzzz_aaaa_ZONED_xyz_COST, Diagnostic information (paaAddTableToCatalog; 14,502)



Release : 1.3

Component : CA ACF2 Option for Db2


ACF2 security is not being checked by  IBM InfoSphere CDC when setting up a new "subscription".  
The ACM exit of CDC is set to check "native" DB2 authorizations and not ACF2.