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Moving the Data Center Security Server Manager to a new server


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


If you need to move the DCS Manager to another server, this document will walk you through how to do that safely.


Data Center Security Server Advanced


Confirm the following before moving your DCS Manager:
-Is the IP of the manager changing?
-Is the FQDN changing?
(If these are changing, you'll need to push out new agent-certs and possibly import a new UMC cert)

1. Make a backup of the DCS Manager files, and the Database, as noted in the following KB article. 

2. Install a Tomcat Only Manager on the server you are moving the Manager to.

3. Change the registry key from Tomcat only to Production

4. Create new agent-cert.ssl if necessary and point your agents to the new manager.

sisipsconfig -host MGTSERVER1,MGTSERVER2
sisipsconfig -h MGTSERVER1,MGTSERVER2

You can use the Data Center Security Server Certificate utility to create a new agent-cert.ssl