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PM - Is there any cron job installed by Performance Management?


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


It seems there is a cron job on the Data Repository, is there any other cron job installed by the software?

# HPE Vertica administrator cron
# Minute    Hour     Day    Month    Day of Week            Command
   5             3           *         *            *                               /opt/vertica/oss/python/bin/python -m vertica.do_logrotate &> /dev/null





The only cron job installed by the software is the Log Rotation cronjob in the Data Repository as part of internal Vertica database install. This is required to prevent the vertica log file to grow so big as it may cause performance or hang issues in the Data Repository, please refer to:

Configure Log Rotation for Data Repository

Additional Information

If this cron job is removed, it may be put back if Vertica is upgraded.