NRM_LineCardData attribute is empty


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


How can we see the Entity Table data? Is there an attribute that Spectrum uses?  Spectrum uses attribute NRM_LineCardData which reads the Entity Mib and populates that data into a table in the NRM_LineCardData attribute.  Sometimes the NRM_LineCardData is still empty, after upgrading to Spectrum 10.4.3 release.


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Discovery & Modeling


Request and apply the Spectrum_10.04.03.D137 debug patch.

Additional Information

This issue has been resolved in DX NetOps Spectrum 21.2.1 release.

Symptom: NRM_LineCardData is not populating correctly for few devices.
Resolution: If entity MIB is not attached to the device, we are not checking other proprietary MIBs to populate the NRM data. Code changes were added to check other MIBs as well. (DE458754, DE497691, 20293310, 32600855, 21.2.1)