"No connectivity to the proxy server" error when accessing isolated Web pages through WSS


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WSS add-on - Selective Isolation Web Security Service - WSS


WSS user trying to access an uncategorised site e.g. http://www.example.com/

Filtering rules should have allowed web isolated access to this site, but instead a Symantec error is displayed stating "No connectivity to the proxy server" as shown below.

All other web browsing is working, so the issue appears to be specific to this site via WSS alone. 

Access to the site without WSS or via another Web Security provider works without issue.


User had incognito mode enabled on browser that blocks access to required WSS isolation cookie shown below.

Chrome incognito mode will not preserve cookies or any data for that browsing session.



We must allow access to required isolation cookies for incognito mode to work. Multiple options exist to enable this:

- Avoid using incognito mode with isolated sites

- Specifically allow 3rd party cookies in isolation mode

    - click on the 'eye' icon to right of URL and make sure you see message that the 3rd party cookie is blocked

    - Click link to see cookies

    - select to allow ALL cookies or just allow the blocked global-noauth-shared.fire.glass cookie

Additional Information

Using developer tools you can clearly see that requests to the sharedomain.html object (Network tab) fail into the isolation service

but more importantly, the console tab shows why ('no access to session storage')

As a result we cannot complete the websocket connection and sandbox the domain for isolation.