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Parameterized lookup - unable to select values in MUX


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A parameterized lookup shows no values in the drop down list in the Modern User Experience (UX). The lookup works correctly in Classic Clarity. This may be reported for lookups using a dynamic query with a constraint.

Note: If you remove WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:STRING:PARAM_PROJECT from the lookup's query, the issue doesn't happen.


  1. Create a custom dynamic lookup (object: Task) with below query:
    SELECT @SELECT:task.prid:[email protected],
           @SELECT:task.PRUID:[email protected],
           @SELECT:task.prname:[email protected]
    FROM   prtask task
    WHERE  @[email protected]
    AND    task.prismilestone = 1
    AND    task.prprojectid = WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:STRING:[email protected]
  2. Create a custom object as a subobject to the project object
  3. Make sure the custom object is API Enabled
  4. Create a custom attribute on the custom object:
  5. Select Data type of lookup
  6. Associate the attribute to the lookup created above
  7. Enter an API Attribute ID
  8. Under Lookup Parameter Mappings select odf_parent_ID from the drop-down for param_project
  9. Go to the Modern UX
  10. Add the new custom object as a module to a project Blueprint
  11. Create a new project and populate the project’s Blueprint as that updated in Step 5
  12. Create at least one milestone task on the project
  13. Go to the custom object's Module on the project
  14. Add the custom attribute created in step 3 to the column list
  15. Click + to create a new row and enter the required attribute details
  16. Search for values on the custom attribute or click on the drop down to try to select a value

Expected result: The attribute shows all milestones for the project as available to select from

Actual results: The drop-down list is blank and no values can be selected

In the app-ca.logs, the following error shows:

ERROR 2021-03-29 14:41:05,767 [http-nio-80-exec-35] (clarity:admin:…:PPM_REST_API) LookupFilterParser :: The lookup [Custom_AttributeName] filter [((searchText startsWith '%') and (param_param_project = 5000001))] attribute[param_param_project] has invalid value [5000001].


This issue is caused by: DE60278 


Release : 15.8.1, 15.9, 15.9.1, 15.9.2



Fixed in 15.9.2 patch 1 and 15.9.3.

Additional Information

See also: Lookups master KB for Clarity