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AWI running through Load Balancer is slow when using multiple tabs


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


User is routing AWI through the load balancer. A slowdown has been noticed by the user as the response time drops greatly after a user open multiple connection to multiple client from a browser. 


Load Balancer not supporting webSockets


Release : 12.3 and superior

Component : Automic Web Interface


In order for AWI to perform smoothly, the Load Balancer MUST allow websockets as described in the documentation

  • To run with AWI, your load balancer must support sticky sessions. Like many Java webapps, AWI uses the JSESSIONID session cookie. You can configure your load balancer to use this cookie, or add its own, to route requests of the same session to the same server. 

  • If you run AWI with websockets enabled, your load balancer must support them.

Additional Information

On a specific use case using Citrix, the websockets on the virtual server of the Netscaler were disabled. After enabling it, it worked smoothly.