TSV Data missing in Staffing view within Projects in GCP


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Clarity PPM SaaS


The Per Period Metrics / Time scale (TSV) values for the below are blank in the Modern User Experience (UX) Staffing area within projects.

  • Actuals
  • ETC
  • Remaining Allocation
  • Remaining Availability
  • Total Usage


The related new feature for Aggregate per-period metrics (TSVs) across Project, Idea and Custom Investments Staff, Assignments and Financials modules has been disabled for GCP environments. 


Release : 15.9.1

Component : Clarity Project Management

SaaS GCP Environments


Broadcom has identified a GCP SaaS operations performance issue related to this feature. As a result, the feature has been disabled for GCP SaaS customers and will be reintroduced in an upcoming release. Clarity On-Premise and Clarity AWS SaaS customers are unaffected by this issue and can continue to use this feature.

See Group By Functionality Displays Aggregations for TSV Columns where the above is referenced.

Additional Information

  • There is no impact to the Allocation and Hard Allocation fields that were already available prior to the 15.9.1 release.
  • We advise administrators of GCP Clarity SaaS not to execute the 'Time Slicing Group By' job at this time. If the job is executed with this feature disabled, the system will not process anything.