sources in SLA/SLO are wrong


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DX Infrastructure Management


Issue 1:

When creating SLA reports via SLM, wrong source, for example xyz source, is seen:

The SLM QOS Target Properties though show the correct source, for example abc source, which has data:

We have confirmed there are no duplicate QOS records for QOS_URL_STRINGFOUND, when executing SQL query by source via SLM it shows nothing, for example xyz source, and we do get the results, for example abc source.

This situation happens with other QOS as well, like for example SQL process state on SQL server

All the sources in SLA/SLO are wrong, but SLM QOS Target Properties show the correct source.


Issue 2:

It was found out there is also issue with fulfillment

From Unified Dashboards -> Summary Dashboard -> Metrics -> url_response monitoring we can see data , for example xyz source:

When we try to calculate the value over SLA engine, we see Fulfilled(%) is 0:




Release : 20.1

Component : UIM - UMP_SLM

sla_engine: 20.1

robot: 9.3



This issue has been identified and fixed in ump_slm_20.10-HF2. Please deploy ump_slm_20.10-HF2 attached to the document referring patch notes in Additional Information to resolve the issue


After deploying ump_slm_20.10-HF2 if issue 2 still exists, please perform the following steps:

(a) Recalculate:

(b) When recalculating, enable Create Historic Data and click on OK:

This should take care of the issue:


Additional Information

Patch installation Notes:


UIM 20.1

Steps to apply the current patch:
1. Deactivate the wasp probe in the UMP Robot.
2. In the UMP Robot, back up the following folders to another location:
3. Delete 'work' folder from the location <UIM>/probes/service/wasp/   
4. In the Primary HUB Robot, back up the following:
5. Import the current hotfix ( to the archive.
6. Deploy the hotfix package to the UMP Robot.
7. Activate the wasp probe in the UMP Robot.

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