Need to be able to exclude DB2ID from processing in a Unit
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Need to be able to exclude DB2ID from processing in a Unit


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MICS Resource Management


I recently added a DB2 data sharing member to an existing LPAR, for use with DDF.  
The system that I added the unit to has 5 development DB2 systems, that all 
process into a single MICS unit that contains Development DB2 data.
There is a huge size mis-match in the amount of data that SMF is generating.  
I need to be able to exclude the new DB2ID from loading into the development unit. 
I will be creating a new unit in our complex to handle the new production member.  
But until then I need to exclude it from the development unit. 



Release : 14.2



The USRSDB2 exit allows you to reject records from being processed by the 
CA MICS Resource Management  Analyzer Option for DB2 during the DB2 input format routine. 
Many elements including DB2ID are available to USRSDB2 during processing. 

The USRSDB2 exit can be defined at the complex level in                  
sharedprefix.MICS.SOURCE(#DB2EXIT) or at the unit level in               
prefix.MICS.USER.SOURCE(#DB2EXIT). If you have multiple DB2 units and the
exit applies to all, use sharedprefix.MICS.SOURCE(#DB2EXIT), otherwise use  
the unit prefix.USER.SOURCE(#DB2EXIT) member.                               
DB2 uses the indirect user exit technique, as described in section  
- Indirect Exit Points of the System Modification Guide.                    
For your exit, you would, in the appropriate #DB2EXIT member, code

%LET  USRSDB2 = xxxx;

where xxxx is the name of a member in prefix.USER.SOURCE    
that contains the SAS code to exclude the data.  

For ex.                           
IF DB2ID EQ 'xxxxx' THEN SKIP_REC=1;                                      
Code this in each unit that requires the usermod.                           
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