MICS PSP ONLINE BROWSE PC-text attempt, only checklist-steps revealed (options set different)


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CA MICS Resource Management


Using MICS r14.2 if I go directly to the SELECT PRODUCT CHANGE (MWF;5;2;1;2) and want to BROWSE the PC-text (entirely, not just checklist) as I have my options set,

but the "B" line-command only shows the checklist-steps which is not what I have the options set for. 

During Select Product Change processing:                                
  Print individual PC text or consolidated checklist                    
      by component, UNIT, or multi-UNIT                     => C      (T/C/U/M)
    Print summary of changed libraries/members       => YES    (YES/NO) 
    Print product change appendix                              => YES    (YES/NO) 

From 'status of a component' panel 5;2;1;4;1 the Browse command 'B' shows the entire product description etc..


Release : 14.2

Component : CA MICS BASE SET


The parameters in the 'Print Check List' processing section of the PSP options panel 
are used by the P line command as well as the P cccnnnn and  
PRT cccnnnn primary commands.  This setting is also used by the B browse    
primary and line commands.    

For ex.


 To display the entire 'PC.TEXT' using the B line command from the select product changes panel (MWF 5;2;1;2) and the apply product changes panel (MWF 5;2;2) specify 'T' in the 2nd block of options as shown above.