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All aggregated reports in JasperSoft use filters like Ticket_type = Incident

However, in Datamart, it is possible to have custom Ticket Type values (i.e. Ticket_type = Incidente and not Incident)

You can use the following query against the Datamart database to verify:

select * from dm_ticket_type

The 17.3 documentation does not specify if Insights/Datamart supports localization:


Service Management 17.2 and 17.3 - Datamart module

All Supported Windows Operating Systems


It appears the issue is on the Tibco side and how JasperSoft Server handles localization.

Engineering is suggesting a workaround where you remove the existing ticket type filter and create a new filter, which should be quick and a one-time change.

1.  Login to JasperSoft UI as an Administrator user

2.  Navigate to AD HOC VIEWS -> VIEW LIST

3.  Click on an ad hoc view, for example ‘Active Incidents by Category ‘.

4.  On the Active Incidents by Category page, click on the FILTERS button on the right-side pane.  Select Ticket Type, right-click and select ‘Create Filter’. 

5.  In the right-hand pane, the C.Ticket Type filter is added.  Select the localized ticket type from the drop-down and click on the Apply button to save the changes.

6.  Remove the old filter by right-clicking on B.Ticket Type and click on ‘Remove Filter’.  Click the “Apply” button to save the changes