AwE-5009 RMI connection failure running 2 simultaneous client sessions


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


We are trying to make adjustments to our test system so that we can log into both test and prod UIs at the same time.  However, we are unable to run 2 client sessions simultaneously at the same time against 2 separate masters and get an error AwE-5009 RMI connection failure. 

AwE-5009 RMI Connection failure, check if RmiServer is running connect: Address is invalid on local machine, or port is not valid on remote machine


Most likely this is due to the same ClientRMIPortNumber being set on both masters. This would be set if you have a firewall in place.
Both environments most likely have the same port number specified, so only one connection outbound from the client using this port can be made.


Release : 9.3.2



Check the ClientRMIPortNumber $AW_HOME/web/classes on both servers if they have the same port number.

In this case, it was set to 6061 on both servers.
We changed it to 6062 on one master and used 6061 on the other master. Post changing to use a different port, both instances came up and running fine.