CA DATACOM/AD required for CA 7 Release 12+ and does it need an LMP Key


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CA Datacom/AD


Customer is not using CA Datacom/AD.

As CA 7 11.3 EOS, customer is upgrading CA-7 11.3 to 12.1. Because of CA Datacom/AD is a prerequisite to run CA-7 version 12+ according to support documentation. In CA-7 version 12+, they migrate to CA Datacom/AD as the database for the CA-7 application.

Customer followed the Installing and migrating guide to run the job AXRIM01 to customize CA DATACOM/AD, the KEY specified is DUMMY.

Does it mean no LMP key is needed for CA Datacom/AD to run in our z/OS ?
If LMP key is a MUST, how can the customer receive the LMP key? Is CA Datacom/AD free of charge?




Release : 15.1

Component : CA Datacom/AD


Need an LMP key for product code AX for the CA Datacom/AD part that is used by CA 7 .

Global Customer Assistance Team licensing department to provide key for CA Datacom/AD which is free of charge.