How to set a Default Load Pattern for a Custom Investment type
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How to set a Default Load Pattern for a Custom Investment type


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Is it possible to set the 'Default Load Pattern' for creating assignments on Custom Investment types?  


Release 16.x  


Yes, the Custom Investments respond to the same settings configured in Administration, Project Management, Settings page.

  1. Login as the Clarity Administrator 
  2. Navigate to Classic PPM, Administration, Project Management: Settings page
  3. Set the desired 'Default Load Pattern' value on the page and click 'Save' 

From this point in time, all new assignments created on Projects and Custom Investments will use this new 'Default Load Pattern'. 

In the screenshot below, the default is set to 'Uniform' - all new assignments will be created with a 'Uniform' Load Pattern setting.


Additional Information

The Load Pattern field is used for Autoschedule and currently Custom Investments do not have the capability for using Autoschedule.

If the Load Pattern value is set to 'Fixed' it will impact how ETC is determined when Actuals are posted.

For more information on ETC calculations, refer to KB 27055: ETC Calculation for Timesheets and Posting