CA Easytrieve: How to invoke macros
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CA Easytrieve: How to invoke macros


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Easytrieve Report Generator PanAudit Plus


What is the best way to call or invoke a CA Easytrieve macro?

Is it  %macroname or by CALL macroname



CA Easytrieve Report Generator, release 11.6


Regarding invoking macros, yes, this is done via the percent sign as you documented:


Regarding the CALL statement, that is in regards to calling a cobol program or an assembler program.

Here is the link, to the documentation on the CALL statement:

The CALL statement provides a means to dynamically or statically invoke subprograms written in other programming languages.

So, to answer your question, macros may be invoked by the '%' sign.  These would also include macros which are delivered in the CA Easytrieve, Toolkit, or PanAudit Plus CAIMAC libraries.

Macros would not be called via the CALL statement.