Drive failed in the Security Analytics storage array


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Security Analytics


Security Analytics storage arrays contain many hard drives.  These drive can fail at any given moment.  All Security Analytics storage arrays are configured with redundant RAID 5 volumes.  Managed SAN storage arrays such as the Dell MD3860f, the NetApp E5660 or the Dell ME4024 storage arrays may have hot spares configured to assist with hard drive failures.  


A hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced.


If you encounter any failed hard drives in the system, make sure the system is under support entitlement and open a case with Broadcom Support to get the drive replaced.  Support will need any supporting log files such as the Customer Service Report (CSR) and any log files created by the storage arrays themselves.  Shipping addresses will also be required. Attach the supporting log files to the case if you are opening the case through the support portal.