Client Automation - Error while opening Global Address Book on remote RC Viewer machine


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A machine that has Remote Control Viewer installed, at some point started to show the following messages while accessing the Global Address Book:

After accepting, the following error is shown:

"No address book has been retrieved from this manager.
You need to use the DSM Explorer to configure the Global Address Book on the management server."

This was working before and no changes has been made on the remote machine.


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The easiest way to solve this is to clear the cache files stored locally on the remote machine, which can be done following these steps:

1.- Go to the machine with the problem and stop CAF services: caf stop & caf kill all
2.- Navigate to C:\Users\<user_used>\AppData\Roaming\CA\RemoteControl\ ("AppData" is a hidden folder)
3.- There are stored some XML files. Delete or cut them out and place them in the desktop (as a backup, if required).
4.- Run the following commands to start CAF in a fresh way:

a. cam change disabled
b. camclose
c. cam change auto & cam start -c -l
f. caf start

After this, start CAF services again and this time the error won't appear.

NOTE: After the steps are followed, the Local Address Book may get deleted, so it needs to be recreated again by the user.