Modern UX Investments Board View Issue.


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Hi Team, We are facing with new cards appearance in Board view under Modern UX.

Steps to Navigate
1. Home-> Click on 'Link to New UI'
2. Click on 'EPM365 New UI'
3. Navigate to Investments.
4. Open 'Company Objectives'
5. Create New Card under default board view. The card appears under 'Not Started' and progress is also set as 'Not Started' for the created instance. 
6. Create New instance under default Grid View. The instance is created with progress set as 'Not Started'. 
7. Switch to Default Board view again, the newly created instance at step 7 appears under 'None', whereas progress is 'Not Started'.

Could you please investigate the issue and provide solution on this.


Clarity 15.9.1


This is reproducible in Clarity 15.9.1. However when testing the same steps in Clarity 15.9.2 the issue is not reproducible here. In 15.9.2 after creating your picklist the 'None" column will get created under default board view.