Webview ignores domain in dashboard link


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DX Application Performance Management



Regression in Webview 10.7 (in comparison to 10.5) in dashboard links

Assume a configuration with at least one subdomain - in this case "GK".

When the same management module (MM) is present in SuperDomain (config/modules) and the GK domain (config/modules/GK), Webview does not follow inter-dashboard links correctly when logged in as a user with access only to the GK subdomain.

When clicking on the link, the page reloads with the same dashboard

The Workstation does follow the links correctly, and deleting the MM in the SuperDomain also resolves the problem. 



By hovering over dashboard links or checking the page source, it is clear that a reference to the domain is not added to the URL


Release : 10.7.0

Component : Introscope



A fix has been prepared and will be included in 10.7 SP4