How to install a CP on a Remote CCS?


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CA Identity Manager


What is the recommended process for installing a Cumulative Patch (CP) on a Remote CA Identity Manager (IM) CCS (C++ Connector Server)?

For example, where there is a "split" environment, with the CA Identity Manager Provisioning Server (imps) and the Java Connector Server (JCS) on a Linux host and the C++ Connector Server (CCS) hosted on a Windows server host. 



Release : 14.3 CP2

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


To patch the CCS on a remote JCS you would need to do the following:


1. Download the CP-IM-140300-0002.tar.gz from the below site:
2. After you extract the compressed file you will look under the CP-IMPS-140300-0002\windows\improvisioning to find the files of interest.
3. Stop the remote JCS and CCS services
4. Copy the files from the CP-IM-140300-0002\CP-IMPS-140300-0002\windows\improvisioning\data data folder into the data folder of your \Connector Server\ccs\data folder
5. Compare the CP-IM-140300-0002\CP-IMPS-140300-0002\windows\improvisioning\bin folder with the \Connector Server\ccs\bin folder and copy over any files from the CP2 bin folder to the CCS bin folder where the file already exists.

Note: Be sure the customer has applied the CP2 to the Provisioning Repository as well. If IMPS and IMPD are not on the same server, ensure to update "etrust_ads.dxc" and "etrust_dyn.dxc" from  CP-IMPD-140300-0002.tar.gz in IMPS

6. Start the remote CCS and JCS services