Is Datamart Job required to update OBS_UNITS_FLAT_BY_MODE table?


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The OBS_UNITS_FLAT_BY_MODE table does not seem to be getting updated. We have run the Datamart Job, but do not observe any changes. What are the factors involved in inserting data into this table?


Version: 15.9.1


The OBS_UNITS_FLAT_BY_MODE table does not depend on the Datamart job. Records are inserted into it as soon as an unit is created in an OBS, from the UI.

Viewers can miss data insertion into this table, especially in implementation with elaborate OBS structures, if they do not carefully observe. The following query can be used before and after an unit creation, to properly observe if new records did get inserted or not.

select count(*)
from obs_units_flat_by_mode

The Internal ID of an unit can be obtained from the URL, when we navigate to that specific unit. To view if records pertaining to a particular OBS unit are present in the table or not, the following query can be used.

select *
from obs_units_flat_by_mode
where unit_id = <unit_id_from_URL>