Devtest create VSI from Swagger merges transactions into one using URLPARAM


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Service Virtualization


When creating a VSI from Swagger using the REST Data Protocol some transactions are combined with a URLPARAM that should not be.
How to keep these as separate transactions.

For example:
GET /form/v1/cars/{URLPARAM0}/serial/
GET /form/v1/cars/{URLPARAM0}/nonserial/

Are combined into:
GET /form/v1/cars/{URLPARAM0}/{URLPARAM1}/




Release : 10.6

Component :


2 different resolutions:

1) During the creation of the VSI from Swagger, the REST data protocol rules can be configured.
The screen contains a Properties button that allows 'Max Changes' to be changed to 2
In that case the 2 transactions (serial and nonserial) will not be combined.

2) It is also possible to create individual VSIs for different transactions and then using the 'Merge' function to combine these into one VSI