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UMP to OC instance upgrade failing


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


  • Primary Hub was upgraded successfully to 20.3. from 9.2.0.
  • Upgrade of the UMP to OC running on the separate robot, failed as the wasp did not start.
  • A fresh install of operator console was initiated with robot 9.31,which also resulted in wasp failure.

    The wasp failing to start manifested in the logs as max restarts:
    Controller: Max. restarts reached for probe 'wasp' (command = <startup java>)


The /tmp folder was mounted with the no exec option for security reasons and the install files are copied to this directory from the primary and was unable to execute.


Release : 20.3.1

Component : UIM - INSTALL


The no exec option was removed to allow the install to properly run and complete

To set the noexec
mount -o remount,noexec /tmp

To set it back
mount -o remount,exec /tmp