How to install Autosys scheduler with native security


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


Wanted to install Autosys Scheduler/App server initially using Native Security but not having much luck.

I tried various settings within the response property file for a silent install but installation still wants things like an EEM instance to point to.

I tried setting IA_AE_INSTANCE_SECURITY_MODE=NATIVE   and various other values but nothing would work.

Is the only way to install first with EEM then revert to Native security?


Errors in logs -

2021-03-24 22:30:40,802 [main] DEBUG - Validating the AEValidateEEMPassword
2021-03-24 22:30:40,802 [main] INFO - Checking the hostname and dns hostname
2021-03-24 22:30:40,802 [main] INFO - fqdnHostname is :
2021-03-24 22:30:40,802 [main] INFO - IA_AE_EEM_FQDN_NAME, fqdnHostname is empty.
2021-03-24 22:30:40,803 [main] ERROR - [CAUAJM_E_110020] "CA EEM host FQDN name" should not be empty.
2021-03-24 22:30:40,803 [main] DEBUG - Setting the result variables:$AE_EEM_PWD_VALIDATE_RETURN_STATUS$ to:E_AE_Emptyfields :$AE_EEM_PWD_VALIDATE_RETURN_MSG$ to:[CAUAJM_E_110020] "CA EEM host FQDN name" should not be empty.



Release : 12

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


Select not to install "Rest Web Service" so that no EEM is required.