CA7 Jobstreams runs showing Unknown status in monitoring tab for jobstreams with Dataset conditions


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CA7 Jobstreams runs showing Unknown status in monitoring tab for jobstreams with Dataset conditions


Release : 6.2.0-1



Being that CA7 datasets do not have start conditions it can cause jobstreams that have jobs that are Triggered by datasets to not have predictions.

You can enable Custom Start Times for these Datasets as described in the link below, to allow AAI to use those start times, either Manual or Auto generated, for predictions in the jobstreasm.


In order to enable this feature you must first set the following parameter to True in the Configuration tool:



Once this is enabled you either have to wait for the Statistics Generator to run, which runs once a day at 2AM by default, or you can go to Tools->Recalculate Averages from the AAI Client as well as a "Download Now" for the scheduler.


Then go to the AAI web page http://<ServerName>:8080/aai/web/v1/ click on System Tools->Custom Condition Admin and you should start to see a list of candidates, in the "Candidates without Custom Start Time Conditions" window.



You can select Configure next to a job/dataset to manually set the start time.  


AAI will try to calculate a Recommended Start Time for your datasets or jobs that show up in this window.

By default it tried to calculate this by looking back at 12 weeks of data.  If you just added the scheduler, it may take several weeks to start seeing Recommended Start Times.

You can adjust this by modifying the candidate.lookbackWeeks from the configuration tool. 

The longer the lookbackWeeks parameter is set the more accurate these will be, however if you have just added a scheduler and want to start setting some of these automatically you can temporarily set this to 1 or 2 weeks.

After modifying the setting, rerun the Statistics Generator, and refresh the Custom Conditions Admin page to see the Recommended Start times.


You can then select the "Select all" option from the drop down list next to "Auto Adjust" and click the save icon, which will set the custom start times for any job with a Recommended Start Time.

Once that process completes you will see the job is moved to the bottom window:

As time passes and you get up to 6-12 weeks that the scheduler has been added you should see more and more recommended start times and should consider setting the candidate.lookbackWeeks back to either 6 or 12 weeks.

Once more custom start times are added, you should see less CA7 jobstreams in an Unknown state.