"Critical Error: PFS is inaccessible" is displayed in the GUI on Security Analytics


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Security Analytics


When logging into the GUI, a message is displayed in a pink banner that PFS is inaccessible.


The PFS file system, which is used to store captured packet data is inaccessible or offline, usually due to a hardware failure.


This error message can be caused by several things, but most of the time it is due to some sort of hardware failure with the capture file system.  Check the following things:

  1. Look in the /var/log/messages file and search for any 'hardware' error messages.
  2. Run 'df -h' from the command line and see if the /pfs partition is mounted.  If not mounted, try rebooting and see if it comes back.
  3. Run 'lsi-show' from the command line and search for any Degraded or Offline volumes
  4. If external storage is involved such as NetApp or Dell, check the storage utilities (MDSM, SANtricity or Powervault Manager) and look for drive errors.

If you suspect there are hardware errors, please call Broadcom Support for further assistance.  Have a CSR ready to send so that Support can perform a full analysis.