Manual uninstall instructions for a Data Center Security Unix agent


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


DCS Unix agent install is corrupted and will not uninstall using the conventional way.




This happens when agent folders get removed or are not able to be accessed. For example, when the /symantec folder is manually removed, DCS agent corruption will occur and this manual uninstall method needs to be used to remove ALL components of the DCS Unix agent


Data Center Security Server Unix Agent: All releases


1. Please make sure that you have deleted below folders:
   rm -rf /opt/Symantec/sdcssagent/
   rm -rf /etc/sisips
   rm -rf /etc/symantec/sis/
   rm -rf /var/log/sdcsslog/
   rm -f /etc/yum.repos.d/sdcss.repo
2. Once all are deleted, then run below command to clean up entry from rpm DB
    rpm -e --justdb sdcss
    rpm -e --justdb sdcss-kmod
3. Verify that packages are removed
    rpm -qa | grep sdcss

After the above steps are followed there may be remaining traces of the DCS agent components. 
In order to cleanly uninstall the DCS agent, you should install the agent again, then use the conventional uninstall method to remove all components.