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Portal admin does not receive user registration email


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CA API Developer Portal


We use  portal version 5.x and when a user sign up in portal, A email is send form the portal notification account  but portal admin does not receive  any email about the user registration.

When admin login to portal and accept the user request also another email about activation send to user side but not to the admin.

The portal.conf looks like :
[email protected]


Release : 5.0



There is no option to send a email to the portal admin  the email address specified in 

[email protected]

is the email address used in to fill the from field in the email send to the  user  , unless it is overruled in the tenant smtp config.

It does not indicate the portal user specified here gets  a notification email  when a user is registering .

PORTAL_ENROLL_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL The email address that is used when sending notification emails.