CA Identity Portal - Mandatory field error
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CA Identity Portal - Mandatory field error


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CA Identity Manager



The CA Identity Manager (Symantec IGA) Identity Portal is configured with two forms for bulk approval actions (see product documentation link below) and a sub-form for approver options.

The primary form assigns permissions and a subform includes mandatory fields which need to be completed by the approver.  

When submitting a bulk action Identity Portal Returns a Mandatory Field Error.


Release : 14.1\ 14.2\ 14.3GA



This is working as designed.


When selecting each task item from the left pane, it will get the latest form data, action buttons, and various other details and override the form property state in the current scope with the previously selected item.  If there is a form update that has to be done while approving a task, then it becomes invalid to use bulk Approval as there is some action that is being taken on each task item*.   

*Note: In earlier versions of Identity Portal this functionality appeared to work, but was in fact defective and outside of the intended design scope.  The behavior has been corrected in 14.4

As a workaround, we suggest that on the radio button configuration you use the default values option that's available in the admin UI to avoid mandatory the field error on bulk approval and when the value needs to be changed to a non-default value then they should approve one task item at a time by modifying the radio button property.



Additional Information

It is recommended to use bulk approval only when there is no action required in the middle pane for every item. If there is one then it is best to approve one at a time.