Top Secret Question about Status showing CPF(OFF) during short window during TSS task Startup


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CA Top Secret


Occasionally during IPLs  get an alert that CPF is OFF.

TSS9843I CPF Refresh Subtask Started
77 TSS77     CPF(OFF)                   CPFWAIT(NO)   
TSS9849I CPF Processing Activated  


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


Until the link is up, which requires CPF(ON) nothing is sent or received.

So, TSS commands will get queued up in the CPF recovery file on the remote systems.

That is the purpose of the CPF recovery file, is to hold commands until the CPF link is up and running.

Once the CPF link is up, TSS will send and receive commands being CPFed, so nothing is really getting lost while CPF is down for that short period of time.