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uxadd fla or uxordre launched with node argument have incorrect Start time


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The commands "uxadd fla node=remote_node NOW" and "uxordre node=remote_node" do not generate the launches with the remote node date, but with the local node date, instead.
If the nodes have a different timezone, this can cause an undesired behavior:

If your local node has a positive time offset (ie.+6h) with the remote node, the job will start in 6h from Now.
If your local node has a negative time offset (ie. -6h) with the remote node, the job will be in Time Overrun.


By design:

Currently, the product does not handle a difference on the time provided by the remote node when creating launches, it takes the local time of the node launching the commands instead of using the current time of the node where the launches should be created.

This is explained in the documentation here:


(Optional, incompatible with LSTARTLEND and EXLW) Start time of the launch window: Current time of node where the environment was loaded and a time span of 5 minutes.


Release : 6.x




check the remote node current time and add a LSTART and LEND or AFTER argument accordingly in the "uxadd fla" or "uxordre" command.



A product enhancement has been opened to evolve this behavior in the future:

PMDU-2667 - Uxadd Fla and uxordre take into account remote current time when a launch is created