How to restrict internet access from Web Isolation ?
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How to restrict internet access from Web Isolation ?


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Web Isolation


Uncheck System Configuration > Gateways > Internet to restrict internet access from Web Isolation(WI).

However, WI seems to be restart internet access after reboot(and power cycle).
How to completely restrict internet access from WI ?


Release : 1.14

Component : Logs-Anonymizer service


WI is accessing for internet( to feedback fireglass_monit.log data.
This operation processed by Logs-Anonymizer service.
You can disable this behavior via "uncheck System Configuration > Gateways > Internet"
There is bug to disable Logs-Anonymizer service it will be re-enable by restart.
Engineer team investigating this by WI-512.


Workaround is re-disable Logs-Anonymizer service by below steps.

  1. Access web console
  2. Move System Configuration > Gateways then click edit button your defined gateway
  3. Scroll down to "Access" and check the Internet is uncheck.
  4. After check click "PUSH SETTINGS" button.

Additional Information

You can confirm stop the Log-Anonymizer service by command line console.
Please run "fgcli service status".