How to rename Automation Engine directory


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Question: What actions need to be taken to rename Automation Engine directory? 


Release : 12.X

Component :


Solution 1 (requires AE shutdown):

1. Stop AE processes. 

2. Rename AutomationEngine folder. 

3. Adjust all the commands for CPs and WPs in ServiceManager Dialog in order for processes to start. See examples below:

Initial Command in SM Dialog: C:\Automic\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\AutomationEngine\bin\UCsrvwp.exe -IC:\Automic\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\AutomationEngine\bin\ucsrv.ini -svc%port%

New command:

C:\Automic\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\AutomationEngine_test\bin\UCsrvwp.exe -IC:\Automic\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\AutomationEngine_test\bin\ucsrv.ini -svc%port%

Initial Startpath:


Changed startpath:


Solution 2 (does not require AE shutdown):

1. Duplicate Automation Engine folder in parallel to the original one while processes are running. Rename it.

2. Make a copy of running CPs and WPs in the SM Dialog (right-click on the Process in SM Dialog -> Duplicate, rename it if needed, but totally optional)

3. Adjust the commands and start paths in SM Dialog same way as demonstrated above in Solution 1 step 3, and start those. That way there will be processes running from 2 different folders. Once copies of all the processes are made, start them from a new folder, and shut down the processes from the old Automation Engine folder; remove them from SM Dialog, delete the old folder afterwards. 

No need to adjust the agents, as they are running from C:\Automic\Agents (just an example, but in default set up /opt/automic/AutomationEngine should only have bin and temp directories). Only processes need to be adjusted.