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What Features Are Unavailable While in Fault Tolerance


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CA Spectrum



We are working to determine options for a full DR  Spectrum configuration.  To start  - we want to identify what features are ARE NOT available when in switched mode.  I don't see
  anything in techdocs which outlines the limitations of Fault Tolerance (aside from SRM and AlarmNotifier) for when a primary goes down and OneClick switches to the secondary.


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Features that will NOT Work

User/Group Creation


Create a Schedule

Autodiscovery will not work if the MLS or "home landscape" is down.  You will see error SPC-OCC-10895 and SPC-OCC-10896

Global Collection Creation as you will receive a Create Error - The model <name> could no be created in some landscapes.  The secondary landscape is currently active.

- All the IP service (MPLS/Vpn/Evpn/QoS) discoveries are restricted and will not run on secondary.

- Most of the Integrations(UIM/VNA/CAPC) are restricted and will not do any inventory discovery.

Additional Information


AlarmNotifier (typically requires script modification so only the active landscape fires)
Single Device Discoveries in the Topology
Auto Discoveries as long as the MLS or home landscape is not down.
Network Configuration Manager

* Models, Host Configs ... will be lost when the primary comes back online unless the SSdb from the FT is saved and reloaded on the Primary