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When upgrading the MDB using the setupmdb command, the install_MDB.log contains the ERROR, "Unable to migrate ... please check table schema". This is preceded by an SQLServerException message, "Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'rowguid',"


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The "ERROR" messages in the install_MDB.log file are similar to the following:

04-17,09:34:46 ERROR - java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to migrate: ca_language: please check table schema

04-17,09:37:03 ERROR - MDBTools_0309E - DBDriver failed to install!

04-17,09:34:45 INFO - MDBTools_0303I - Processing seed data package

The above messages indicate that MS SQL Server Merge Replication for Offline Reporting is currently in place.


Using a SQL Server tool, drop the column, "rowguid", from the tables that are referenced in the messages.

In the example provided, you would drop the rowguid column from the ca_language table. This can be done via SQL Server Management Studio and by executing the query "alter table ca_language drop column rowguid".

For further information, please review and consider the information provided in technical document TEC589885 which is titled, "Updated CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) procedure to enable MS SQL Server Merge Replication for Offline Reporting needs".


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